““The last days of a dictatorship are when the dictatorship becomes the most dangerous and uses, regrettably, its worst weapon: hatred,” says Lilian Tintori, the 37-year-old wife of Leopoldo López, the charismatic leader of the Venezuelan opposition party Voluntad Popular. She’s speaking by phone from Caracas on a recent Monday. Her husband is internationally recognized for his efficient, transparent governance of one of Caracas’s most prosperous districts from 2000 to 2008. He has called for Venezuela to undergo a peaceful transition to democracy involving the lawful—and early—departure of President Nicolás Maduro. Since February 2014, López has languished in the Ramo Verde military prison outside Caracas.“ He’s probably not a fan of socialism: How a Venezuelan Opposition Leader Secretly Communicates From Solitary Confinement

“Fidel Castro responded Monday to President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Cuba with a long, bristling letter recounting the history of U.S. aggression against Cuba, writing that “we don’t need the empire to give us any presents.” The 1,500-word letter in state media titled “Brother Obama” was Castro’s first response to the president’s three-day visit last week, in which the American president said he had come to bury the two countries’ history of Cold War hostility. Obama did not meet with the 89-year-old Fidel Castro on the trip but met several times with his 84-year-old brother Raul Castro, the current Cuban president.” Fidel Castro slams Obama in open letter just after Cuba visit

“Violent extremism is a growing problem in Canada. About 180 people “with a nexus to Canada” are active in overseas terrorism — including 100 in Syria and Iraq alone, according to the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Another 60 have returned to Canada after engaging in terrorist activity, while 90 to 100 have not left Canada but want to.” Canadian police arrest 23-year-old Ontario man suspected of plotting to leave Canada to engage in terrorism

Bungling Belgian police knew of Paris bomber Abdeslam’s secret hideout for three months but did nothing while he planned machine gun massacre for Easter – to be fair, there are lots of reasons why the authorities might not move in immediately to stop an attack. They may be trying to collect more information and implicate more people to arrest. But what authorities failed to realize with ISIS is that when ISIS gets wind that they are compromised, they don’t run… they just speed up their attack. Hence why this attack came earlier than planned. A sad mistake for Belgian authorities.

“Most of the refugees arriving in Europe are escaping war and poverty in the Middle East and seeking a better life in the West. But according to European officials, other migrants are traveling into the Nordic and Baltic states from Russia and are not fleeing the fighting in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, but rather have been living in Russia and are being encouraged by the Kremlin to join the tide in Western Europe.” How Russia Is ‘Weaponizing’ Migration to Destabilize Europe

The media can no longer deny that no-go zones exist: “Belgium, already divided by language and with a plethora of local and state federalisms and police forces, provides a special example. More so than elsewhere, Belgium allowed the self-ghettoization, or self-isolation, of ethnic communities in the name of multiculturalism and peace.” “There are parts of Europe, especially in France and Belgium, where over the past two decades you’ve seen the emergence of essentially ungoverned spaces, nearly akin to Yemen or Libya,” said Peter R. Neumann, director of the International Center for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence at King’s College London. “Molenbeek is one of them, a place where local authorities and even mainstream Muslim groups abandoned them, with an informal pact, that ‘as long as we don’t see you, we won’t bother you.’” A Quandary for Europe: Fighting a War on ISIS Within Its Borders

“Mr. Obama promised aid to Cuba, from help in connecting its citizens to the Internet to trade. Business leaders who accompanied the president on the trip are anxious to build hotels and conduct other business in Cuba. The upside of this is that it might produce more openness in a society that has been closed for more than 50 years. The downside is that any prosperity will be used by the Cuban government to underwrite revolutions throughout Latin America; just as giving Iran its frozen assets will most assuredly facilitate the growth of terrorism throughout the world.” The ‘apology tour’ comes full circle

“DeSantis and other lawmakers first labeled Belgium as a hotspot for ISIS terrorists in the aftermath of the 2015 attacks in Paris. At least five of the Paris attackers were French nationals, two of whom had been living in Belgium. Another one of the terrorists was a Belgian national. Citizens from both countries are still able to freely travel to the United States under the visa waiver program, which facilitates travel between the USA and a host of foreign countries.” Belgian Terrorists Can Still Enter US Without a Visa