“Mrs. Clinton’s email arrangements are supposed to be the scandal that will fell her, but what ought to frighten Americans is the way the Clintons mix money and power in the black box of their eponymous foundation to award themselves more of each.” ‘C’ Is for Corruption

“According to Mondoweiss.net, at least 20 percent of the Israel-pressuring Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) on campus is Jewish. Writing in The New York Times on March 29, Eric Alterman, a professor of English and journalism at Brooklyn College, posited that pro-BDS Jewish Voice for Peace ‘is perhaps the fastest-growing Jewish organization on campuses nationwide.’” How To Revive Jewish Support For Israel

“The Obama administration explicitly turned its back on the democracy promotion agenda of the Bush years. It closed down the democracy directorate at the NSC and weakened the Human Rights Bureau in the State Department. It said nothing as Green movement protesters were murdered on Iranian streets in 2009, following the stolen election. It has been neoconservatives and liberal interventionists — those frequently derided by the Left as ‘right-wing militarists’ — who have been pleading for a No Fly Zone in Syria to help mitigate the slaughter there, and for America to show support for Iranian democrats.” A piece I highly recommend reading all the way through: Bad Faith: Sam Harris, Omer Aziz, and Islam

“I used to believe that open discourse was a value all Americans hold dear. I presumed that when asked about what makes America so unique, many Americans would respond that our pluralistic society is the foundation of so much of our success. That it was understood that without a marketplace of ideas, our society simply could not flourish. But then I started college.” ​A Culture of Sensitivity

“The elevation of life’s minor indignities to full blown crimes of sexual harassment and assault have created a cottage industry on college campuses. Millions of dollars are being spent by universities hiring ‘lawyers, investigators, case workers, survivor advocates, peer counselors, workshop leaders and other officials to deal with increasing numbers of these complaints’.” The cottage industry of campus grievance culture

“While the elite obsesses about stomping out ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ and ‘cisnormativity,’ the real enemy slaughters Europeans at will. But pretty soon the surviving Europeans’ waning survival instinct will kick in and they will notice that Muslim terrorists are not running free in Putin’s Russia. Then they too will reject the chaos of their failing Republic for strongmen, and their course will be set.” For America, the Fall of the Roman Empire Is the Best Case Scenario

“One of the airport bombers received a nine-year sentence for shooting at police officers in 2010. His younger brother, who authorities say perished in the subway bombing, received a five-year sentence for carjacking in 2011. With both men behind bars, they could not possibly have carried out the Brussels attacks, right? Right? Last year, the Turkish government detained airport bomber Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, just five years into his supposed nine-year Belgian prison term, attempting to enter Syria to join ISIS. Turkey deported him. The Netherlands, and later Belgium, accepted him. “Despite our warnings that this person was a foreign terrorist fighter,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan explained, “the Belgian authorities could not identify a link to terrorism.” Perhaps their detective work will find some clue establishing a connection now.“ The West’s Parasites Again Become Its Predators

“He can do some things, but he certainly cannot cause the damage he is promising. The president does have unilateral authority to remove the United States from trade agreements or associations such as NAFTA or the World Trade Organization (WTO). However, he does not have the authority to actually raise tariffs in response to any such removal from trade agreements.” Trump Isn’t The Only One Who’s Wrong On Trade

“People would never take such risks if life under Cuban communism was bearable. The hundreds of thousands of Cubans who have left since 1959 bespeak the failure of the “Revolution.” And though Havana cannot admit it, the Cuban Adjustment Act probably helps stabilize the Cuban regime. Emigration has served as a safety valve, enabling the regime to export the discontent it produces so efficiently.” The half-century-old law that Cuba uses to export discontent

“It’s important to realize that he isn’t winning in spite of “Christians” — he’s winning because of them. This billionaire reality show character who funded liberal Democrats for decades, supported infanticide, and donated recently to radical gay activists, swept the “Bible Belt.” He lost in Texas and Oklahoma, but won, sometimes dominantly, in Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky and North Carolina. He claimed almost half the Christian vote in Florida. He lapped the field in Arizona, a state with about an 85 to 90 percent Christian population.” If We Lived In A Truly Christian Nation, Donald Trump Would Not Be Winning

“The bearded Castroite revolutionaries were a different beast altogether. They claimed to favor democracy as part of their Orwellian Newspeak, making use of willing media toadies such as New York Times correspondent Herbert Matthews to fool U.S. policymakers. But for those on the ground, the Castroite takeover was nothing but a brutal leftist oligarchy intent on installing a communist agenda and turning Cuba into a Soviet satellite. From the very beginning, the Castroites and their so-called revolution had absolutely no democratic ideals. None.” No, Mr. President, 1776 Wasn’t Anything Like Castro’s 1959 Putsch

“Along with Atlanta, other cities in the running for the next several Super Bowls are New Orleans, Tampa Bay, and Miami. With its warm, sunny climate, Florida has long been a favorite Super Bowl destination for the NFL. Never mind that Florida has a Religious Freedom law, and has since 1998. What’s more, there have been five Super Bowls in Florida (in 3 different cities) since 1998. Will the NFL now hold the Sunshine State to the same standard as Georgia? Texas also has a RFRA law, and it was in place when the new Cowboys Stadium housed the Super Bowl in 2011. Will Texas (a more conservative state than GA) now hold no more Super Bowls?” Hypocrisy Cripples Georgia’s Religious Liberty Bill

According to current replacement theology, Jesus was not a Jew. He was a Palestinian. The Jews are not a people. They have no rights to the land of Israel. Israel, it is asserted, has no historical or theological right to exist. Rather, according to the rewritten scriptures, the Palestinians are the chosen people. Jews are colonialist invaders who have taken the land of Israel away from their rightful, biblically sanctioned owners. This basic view is encapsulated in the very name “Christ at the Checkpoint.” The subversion of American Evangelicals

“Last week Secretary of State John Kerry announced that ISIS is guilty of genocide for targeting for extermination Christians, Yazidis, and other ethnic and religious groups. The tragedy of his announcement is that it was not followed up with any calls to action. Watching a genocide unfold and doing nothing to stop it is exactly what Samantha Powers condemns in her book A Problem From Hell.” Rabbi Shmuley responds to Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton’s AIPAC speeches

“Only a shameless cynic would survey the geostrategic landscape over the last quarter century and conclude that it would better serve America’s interests if the world’s revisionist powers were left to hash out their lingering disputes in an unstable, multi-polar environment. Donald Trump is precisely that cynic.” Trump’s Geopolitical Illiteracy

As the real estate heir inches nearer to his party’s presidential nomination, so, too, has the familiar cast of animated left-wing agitators gravitated toward the candidate. They are today registering their dissatisfaction with Trump and his followers in distinctly counterproductive ways. Do Protests Legitimize Donald Trump?