“Besides the sociopolitical aspect, it doesn’t even make sense as a practical matter. Why the hell would you want somebody to cut your hair against their will? What’s next, suing if you get a bad cut? If I ran the place, I would just give this dingbat a reverse mohawk and tell her to hit the bricks. Every so often you’ll see a story about a guy trying to become a Hooters waitress or something like that. A man trying to invade a women’s-only space, just like women keep doing to men. It’s seen as a joke, which it is, but the joke is on all the people who earnestly report on stories like this one. They’re acting like this woman actually suffered some sort of hardship because she had to find someplace else to get a haircut. I don’t know how that reporter kept a straight face. Man, I hope I never have to move to California.” Transgender man sues mens-only barbershop