US-Iran Prisoner Swap Has Already Backfired

The elation over the news that 5 Americans held in Iran including Pastor Saeed Abedini and Jason Rezaian were finally being released was short-lived, after news broke that 3 Americans were kidnapped in Iraq. Worse yet, it looks like the White House policy of appeasement (a.k.a. “negotiating with terrorists”) may have emboldened the perpetrators behind the kidnapping, and on top of that, these perpetrators may be an Iran-backed group.

From CBS News:

A State Department source told CBS News that the U.S. embassy received threat information last week that an Iranian-backed Shiite militia group wanted to seize an American or an American contractor.

Officials in Washington had hoped the Iranian government would tell the militia group to hold off because of all the negotiations surrounding the prisoner swap that saw the release of five Americans. The State Department source said the fear was that one of the groups might have “gone off the reservation.”

Read more at CBS News.

It looks like the folly of negotiating from a position of weakness has been laid bare. Now that our enemies know that we are willing to trade high-value terrorists in our prisons for Americans (rather than using the threat of retaliation to get them back without giving anything up), any Americans abroad are traveling with a target on their backs.