Planned Parenthood Shooter Robert Dear Admits His Real Target Was The FBI


Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear has revealed more about his motives for shooting up the abortion clinic and they revolve around his concerns about the federal government, not abortion.

As soon as details came to light about the mental health status of alleged Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Lewis Dear, pro-life advocates defending themselves against false accusations that Dear somehow was a pro-life activist… knew that the truth was far different. They understood that Dear is no more than a mentally troubled human being with a long criminal record who friends and family described as an incoherent rambler…

Now, Dear has admitted his real target was the FBI and the federal government, whom he believed was targeting him. Dear called a local Denver television station to reveal the real motive behind his shooting up the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic — and it had more to do with anti-government sentiment than opposing abortion.